​​​Made in California, reared in the Far East,

But rooted in Texas and Tennessee.

I am a Holiday!

Holiday is my father's name given to me at birth, and it was one of five names used while in the U.S. Air Force. As life happens, the root of Holiday has evolved to be known from my Great Father, G-d, as a gentle reminder of whose I am, and who I am.

It's fun and people love saying it--but most of all, it's honorable for me, because it represents family and service. "Holi-day" is the Way I choose to live Life every day.  I am simply what some may call a "modern-day renaissance" woman with clear vision. 

Holiday has worked in several stratospheres from the [Neighbor-] 'Hood to the White House'. Her media works are featured in The Washington Post,  The Chester County, Independent, NBC Nightly News, BET, local FOX-5 News, AFRTS, Faces of DC and Sir Faces, U.S. Navy Docu Series, History Channel: Making of the Mob, PBS Baltimore, and others.  Her communication portfolio spans through some of the following:

PR Strategy | Publicity Outreach | Content Creation | Brand Strategy |

Social Media | Media Training |Persuasive Speaking | Real Estate Marketing | Public Health Information |Church Growth and Development | Global, National, Regional and Local Public Affairs Programs | Media Editing | Writer | Journalism Production | Audio-Visual Storytelling | Creative Arts | Visionary Instruction | Communications Planning | Faith Communications | Millennial, Gen Z Culture

What's in a Name?

For those who care to know more. 

Holiday Johnson is a millennial marketplace minister that serves humanity using integrated communications. With extensive experience in the communications field, she has served as a public affairs officer to the ‘Home of Air Force One’ and protocol officer to the President of the United States and other Heads of State and government officials alike. She has earned numerous awards and recognitions in her respective career fields.  Holiday is a writer, speaker and highly sought-after coach for business etiquette and protocol training. She is certified by The Etiquette and Leadership Institute, which is associated with The Protocol School of Washington, the leading authority for etiquette and protocol. She holds the former titles of Miss USO, Miss Teen Okinawa, Miss Okinawa and Miss Maryland USA Swimsuit. She is the first Black woman to be president of the Student Body Government at Kubasaki High School, Okinawa, Japan.  

An apostolic serial-entrepreneur at heart, Holiday is a gifted speaker known for her simple, yet captivating teaching style.  She is an honorary thespian with a B.A. in communications and psychology from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and an M.A. in journalism from Georgetown University.  She has also studied for an M.B.A. with Liberty University, and an M.A. in Architecture and Design with George Washington University.  

Her travels extend across the globe and she is diplomatic in social affairs. She is the founder and principal consultant of Ms Elegant, a company that provides enrichment and social development services to young people. She is the chief service officer of The Johnson Group, LLC,  a growing ministry company dedicated to international and small business development. A joy of hers was founding Modeling and Acting Camps, an all-inclusive boutique summer program for girls, which focuses on leadership, communication and confidence without conceit.     

She is the principal and media trainer for M&J Communications, a public relations agency dedicated to advancing the Way of G-d or Kingdom of Heaven.  Specializing in press protocol, Holiday is co-author of Executive Etiquette Power, an expert advice book to advance your career.   Holiday resides in Suitland-Forestville, Maryland; and enjoys acting in film and theater, gardening, water sports and camping.

Formal Bio

 Just Being