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"Living Life a Better Way"


Welcome to Holiday Johnson Media at your service.  Enriching lives forever is what we're about here.  Our goal is to support you in your vision through entrepreneurship or employment. We promise our services are worth the time and money, and once you experience what HJM has to offer, you'll tell others how easy true living can be!

Independent Reporting

     One motivation for leaving mainstream media was to report stories without bias or hidden agendas. To practice true journalism from one's backyard, always providing the facts without opinions or editorializing. 

Ghostwriting  As an award-winning media professional, much of my work, and those I collaborate with, has appeared in all top global networks.


Media Consulting

     All things media, is what we do best for heads of state, organizations, families and individuals. Whether we prepare or host your media needs, working with HJM will prove results. 

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