Just Being

Our Mission
We are to positively provide services that will educate, empower and enrich the lives of others in our local and global communities in a way that encourages wholly, abundant living wherever we serve.  

Our Purpose
To invest in dreams and visions   ⎈ To practice balanced living in a popular culture   ⎈ To teach godly principles in relation to money, time and order   ⎈ To partner with clergy and churches through a five-fold talent equipping of children and adults for kingdom legacy

Seminars, Speeches and Workshops, Teaching Topics
Living in Balance and Order: Managing time, to fit all things important to us, seems to be an elusive concept for many.  However, all is not lost. The Rest and G.O. concept provides an easy,  four-part order to help give you comfort with how you deal with time.

Faith and Finances: What is trusting God in finance when you’re without consistent income?  Holiday shares the lessons learned in her 10-year-hiatus from the workforce and how she was sustained as a single woman living in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

Business Writing, and Other Professional Styles:  Storytelling is how we communicate information - whether we are in business, raising children, volunteering or just hanging out. Writing and speaking is a vital part to engagement at work and home.  This workshop can facilitate clear messaging skills in formal to casual communications.

Media Relations and Strategy: Interviewing with journalists and alike can be daunting, and perhaps intimidating.  But it doesn’t have to be. Using simple techniques will eliminate any angst when working with the media. 

Reaching Millennials and Generation Z:
Understanding generational mindsets can help you successfully achieve your goals. Consultancy is offered to non-profits and other businesses.

Discovering Destiny: Addressing the age-old question of “Why am I here?” for every generation to consider.  The sooner one knows their purpose in life, the sooner the world is better for having them here.

Organization and Decluttering: One of the first things to do before going public, is to get your personal house in order. There are three simple principles that can be applied to help you do that. 

The Prayer:  A spirit-led life is far more adventurous than a busy church life.  This workshop is not business as usual. It explores how culture and communion with God intersects in your everyday life. The Emmanuel model is used here. 

Additional Faith-Based Topics: Church Public Relations and Protocol, Leadership, Global Etiquette, Kingdom Building Business Principles, Growing the Rural Church, Succession Planning